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Turut  membangun Sumber Daya Manusia Indonesia melalui asih, asah, asuh menjadi manusia yang produktif, kreatif dan memiliki semangat tinggi dalam membangun masa depannya sendiri dan masyarakat secara umum. read more


Sharing Pengalaman Penerapan Competency Based HRTopik yang dibahas pada pertemuan HRD Club Indonesia tangga 9 Maret 2001, dibawakan oleh PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam (PTBA) yang diwakili oleh Bpk Mohammad Hatta dan PT Schneider Electric yang diwakili oleh Bpk Bpk Tommy H. Pratomo.

Change Architecture - Building Agility in the New Economy, Authors: Tim D. Parr, Katrina O’Leary & Merlin Tinker Arthur Andersen United Kingdom.  

The New Economy is changing the way businesses operate,  changing the way people work within organisations and changing the nature of relationships between organisations.  Four key trends are driving this new era of business: eBusiness / globalisation, technologies, the increasing importance of intangibles and the war for talent. read more



Importance Of Values

By: Ibnu A. Mulyanto, HR Consultant, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

Corporation, as many people won’t aware, is now the focal point of many people’s lives. It is simply because most of the people spend 40 to 60 hours per week of their lives for the corporation. read more


Assessment of Performance and Potential using the right tools the right way 

By: Martha D Swissanto, General Manager, PT Saville & Holdsworth Indonesia

The important question here is “Why do we need to assess people at all?” In order to predict an individual’s potential for future performance, we need to assess the person on a broad range of criteria, for example, the individual’s skills and abilities, personality, experience, interest and motivation. read more


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